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Are my StarMaker recordings private?

When registering to StarMaker, your recordings are automatically set to ‘private’ for your safety (shown through the ‘lock’ icon at the bottom right hand corner of your recording), so that only you and the people you choose to share them with can view them. You must have parental consent if you change your privacy settings to ‘public’.

Can i use my SelfieMic in portrait mode?


Yes. The clamp can be safely rotated into portrait mode by manually twisting the clamp through 90 degrees. Please ensure that your phone is fully and securely inserted into the clamp. For further information, please view the “How To” video below.



Does SelfieMic require batteries?


Can I use SelfieMic with my own headphones?

Yes. SelfieMic is compatible with most singing/karaoke apps available, but tokens provided are only valid for StarMaker. SelfieMic can also be used with forward facing video on your smart phone.

How do I download StarMaker?

Search for StarMaker in the Apple app store or Google Play and download for free.

Is my device compatible with the StarMaker app?

The StarMaker app is compatible with the following devices and operating systems :
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 8 or later
Android devices on Android 4.1 and up

How do I claim my 1,000 StarMaker tokens ?

In order to claim your tokens you will need to register to StarMaker.  To do this, download the app to your device and follow the instructions on the screen to register to StarMaker.  Please note that you must be 13 or over (or have parental permission) to register to the StarMaker app.

Once you’ve registered, you will automatically be given 300 tokens.

To redeem a further 700 tokens, you will need to open up a web browser on the smart phone you have used to register to StarMaker, and go to  Here, you will be asked to enter your exclusive code which you can find on the front page of your SelfieMic instruction manual.

Once you have entered your code, 700 tokens will be added to your account, giving you a total of 1,000 tokens to spend on songs.

How do I use my tokens?

You can use tokens by selecting songs on the song list.  Each song will have a value next to it, ranging from FREE (no tokens required) to values between 25-250 tokens per song.  Once you have found a song you want to sing, simply tap the box with the FREE or token value and you can start recording your music video.

What happens if I run out of tokens?

As long as you keep singing songs, you shouldn’t run out of tokens.  Each time you sing a song, you can earn tokens back.  The StarMaker app works in a similar way to app based games whereby the better you sing, the more tokens you earn in return, based on the star scoring system you will see on your screen.

You will also receive a 5 token ‘full length bonus’ for completing the song to the end – regardless of how well you sing.

What are VIP songs?

VIP tracks are songs which are only available to VIP members.  StarMaker VIP membership is available at an additional cost, but is not required to use the Starmaker app – it is simply required to access certain songs.

What are ‘Hooks’?

Hooks are the short sections of the catchiest part of the song – often the chorus.  Hooks range from FREE to 25 tokens.

How do I create a music video with SelfieMic?

There are lots of ways to create music videos with SelfieMic.

Using forward facing video

You must be 13+ to use the StarMaker app, or seek parental permission.

You can easily create SelfieMic music videos using your forward facing video on your smart phone by singing a cappella or with music playing in the background.

Using StarMaker

You must be 13+ to use the StarMaker app, or seek parental permission.

You can create music videos with SelfieMic by using our free partner app, StarMaker. To do this, simply download the app, select the song you want to record and you will be taken to an app screen.  Here, you can select cool filters and effects such as auto tune to give your performance a professional feel.

Then, simply tap ‘record’ and you can sing along, lip-sync and even create dance routines to your favourite songs. Once you’ve finished recording, you can save your music videos and share with friends and family**

*recordings can only be saved to the app if you have registered with StarMaker.

**You can share via email and text, and via social media if you are aged 13 or over. Please be responsible and safe when sharing.

Using music/singing apps

There are lots of apps compatible with SelfieMic that allow you to record yourself singing and create music videos.  Why not explore the app store and test out a few?

How do I record a solo performance?

To record your voice over the track, make sure the earpiece is plugged in to your SelfieMic and the microphone jack is plugged in to your smart phone, and sing into the microphone.

To lip sync, simply unplug SelfieMic™ from the phone’s headphone socket and then mime to the song.

How do I record a duet or group performance?

To record as a group, unplug SelfieMic™ from the phone’s headphone socket and then sing along/ lip-sync with friends (WARNING: recording quality will be lower than solo performances with an earpiece).  To ensure quality is maintained, you can use a headphone ‘lead’ splitter so multiple singers can hear the track and record at optimum quality.

By unplugging the phone, the sound will come out of the phone (not the earpiece) and the recording will be made through the phone’s microphone and not the SeflieMic microphone – hence the recording quality will be poorer.

Can I use StarMaker without registering?

Yes, you can still sing songs and use StarMaker without registering for a free StarMaker account.  However, by choosing not to register, you will be unable to save your recordings and will not have access to tokens, but you will still be able to sing certain songs for free.

Why is the volume of my earpiece low?

The volume of the earpiece has been limited so that the volume always remains within safe limits for children’s ears (max 85Db). For max safe volume, ensure that the phone’s volume is set to max.

Why won’t my video save?

If you are having trouble saving your recording on the StarMaker app, it could be because you a) haven’t registered or b) you do not have enough file space on your device.  Please check you have registered and that you have adequate memory space on your device when saving a video.

Is there a video to help me use the StarMaker app?

If you would like some extra guidance on how to use the StarMaker app, you can watch their handy tutorial which is available on the app and takes you through the step by step process of song selection, recording and saving.

If you have any problems using SelfieMic or the StarMaker app – we’re here to help.  Simply contact our friendly customer service team:

UK Customer Services

Call us on +44(0)800 389 8591 (UK Free)

Or email [email protected]